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Latest Zach Kincaid's Blog Articles

Zach Kincaid

After Christmas

Zach Kincaid (CBF)
After Christmas brings a quiet journey away from frankincense and gold, and onto a resolve for myrrh. Then we stop our March, look into April's early eyes, assemble a parade, and beat the banter from our hollowed chests. Here comes our donkey-saddled Savior! But until that river of blood flows again through my heart's liturgy, I will count the cost, keep on the light, and relish with Mary at the feet of my dear Jesus as he turns his face toward Jerusalem. Read full article...
Zach Kincaid

Madoff Needs Chasing

Zach Kincaid (CBF)

Greed is the root of all vice, as love is at the heart of all virtue. When someone like Bernie Madoff exemplifies the extent of greed, it's becomes a check-point for us - a guidepost to not be swallowed up by the temporal no matter the extent.

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Other Recent Zach Kincaid's Blog Articles

Zach Kincaid Article

July 24, 2011

land of liberty

Zach Kincaid (CBF)

According to the Greeks liberty eats itself. That's Paul too - everything is permissible but not beneficial.
Zach Kincaid Article

September 16, 2009

The Space Between

Zach Kincaid (CBF)

The death of legend Michael Jackson fell near the legendary anniversary of the moon walk.