Preach on Day1

Day1 is the only ecumenical voice in the media for the historic mainline Protestant denominations across America and around the world. Day1 offers hope, insight and inspiration through a compelling proclamation of the Word--on radio, television, and the internet. While reaching out to seekers, the unchurched, and the homebound, it's also a valuable learning resource for numerous church members, Sunday school classes and study groups, who listen each week in preparation for their group discussions.

We seek outstanding preachers from mainline denominations from across America to preach on Day1. And we'd be honored to consider you. Your participation--once approved by our Day1 Advisory Board and executive producer--will give you and your church or ministry an international platform for witness through the media--and an opportunity to be part of our renowned 75-year history of ministry.

Day1 is available to listeners worldwide through a variety of platforms

  • More than 200 affiliate stations from coast to coast, Canada, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Africa, and elsewhere.

  • The website via downloadable podcast and searchable sermon transcript archive.

  • Day1 podcasts offered through iTunes, Stitcher, RadioPublic, and other podcast platforms.

As a Day1 preacher you'll take part in three program segments

  • Opening Interview: This gives listeners an opportunity to get to know you and your church, and helps prepare them for the heart of the program:

  • Your Sermon (12-14 minutes in length, including Scripture reading and closing prayer): We encourage use of the Revised Common Lectionary as the basis of your sermons.

  • Final Thoughts: This brief follow-up interview, in which you reiterate key points and give listeners practical ideas for applying what you've preached to their daily lives, airs on most stations after the sermon.

*You will need to arrange to come to our studio in Atlanta, GA for the recording session. *We record approximately 8-12 weeks before the program airdate. The session will take 2-3 hours and we prefer to begin at 10 a.m. when voices are good. We are sorry that we cannot reimburse travel expenses.

How you can help us continue and grow

Our organization is funded through the financial contributions of individuals and churches who believe in what we do.

We ask our preachers to help us by securing funding to underwrite the production/ distribution costs in the amount of $3,000-5,000 per program. Contact us for more information.

Underwriting provides the following to the preacher

  • participation as the speaker in a nationally broadcast Day1 program, including interviews with our program host
  • professional production and editing of each program, including copies of final program CDs and master CDs of all your programs for duplication
  • broadcast of each radio program through the various national and international platforms (200+ AM and FM radio stations, audio streaming on Internet)
  • social media publicity and press releases regarding your programs distributed to religious, denominational, and mainstream media
  • inclusion of streaming audio and text transcript of the sermon on our website indefinitely
  • opportunity to promote your church or ministry to a national audience through our program's interview segments

If you are interested in being considered as a preacher on Day1 (or would like to nominate someone), please write to us at:

3535 Peachtree Road NE
Suite 520/714
Atlanta, GA 30326


Include your name, address, phone number, and email address, along with a biographical sketch or vita. Please provide at least two sermons written and preached by the candidate, recorded on CD (or available online), along with the sermon transcripts. In addition, five references (at least three of them clergy) must be provided for the candidate.

These materials may be submitted to members of the Day1 Advisory Board and staff for their review and a decision regarding invitation. Upon their approval, the candidate will be issued a formal invitation.

Thank you for your interest in Day1.