The Rev. Beth Birkholz

Denomination: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)


The Reverend Beth Birkholz is a pastor with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She serves as a co-pastor with her husband, Scott Seeke, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Livonia, Michigan (outside Detroit).

For nearly 8 years she served as associate pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Marietta, GA. Beth earlier served churches in Elberton, Dahlonega, and Atlanta, GA.

A graduate in communications from the University of Tennessee, she earned her M.Div. degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH.

Both Beth and Scott have enjoyed being on Day1 as preachers in the past few years. She is working on exploring her new home state as well as remodeling a Queen Anne home that was built in 1867 in historic Plymouth, Michigan.

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Beth Birkholz: Surrounded by Superheroes

Tuesday August 09, 2016
Pastor Beth Birkholz reviews the saints of the Bible recounted in Hebrews 11-12, who surround us like a cloud of witnesses, particularly Rahab and her Grandma Edna, who encourage us when we run the race of faith.

Do It Yourself

Tuesday July 23, 2013
The Rev. Beth Birkholz guides us through the prayer Jesus taught his disciples in Luke 11:1-13, and encourages us to follow his example in prayer.

David's Dance

Tuesday July 10, 2012
In her sermon on 2 Samuel 6, the Rev. Beth Birkholz explains that the realization of God's presence and power has to do with respect, but also rejoicing--and David felt compelled to dance before God in joy.

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Beth Birkholz: Things I have learned while Supply Preaching

Tuesday December 27, 2016
As many of you know, I have been supply preaching for several months now. I’ve been doing this every weekend and it’s been very interesting to see the differences and similarities in the congregations.

Beth Birkholz: A Women’s Bible that’s not pink!*

Tuesday December 20, 2016
The CEB Women's Study Bible is now available. Beth Birkholz reviews it.

Beth Birkholz: Walkabout

Friday June 24, 2016
After I was finished with my call, I did something that had been a long time wish of mine, a bucket list kind of thing. I went hiking alone for a few days on the Appalachian Trail. Scott (husband) was calling it my 'walkabout' because I wanted to go think about the past eight years, as well as what might be coming in the future. And I also wanted to go clear my head after a crazily emotional few weeks, ending my call.

Beth Birkholz: The Book of Ruth and the Bechdel Test

Sunday November 02, 2014
In church one Sunday last August, I didn’t know what was going to happen when during the reading part, two women stepped up to the altar and another to the pulpit. They began to read parts from the first chapter of the book of Ruth, one as the narrator, one as Ruth, and one as Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi.

Beth Birkholz: How to Pray (By Yourself)

Sunday October 28, 2012
I went away on retreat of sorts for a few days, partly self-guided, partly led by a yoga teaching reverend, and it’s like it’s been shaking all kinds of things loose that have been sort of lying dormant in my brain due to the excessive busy-ness of the last few months.

Beth Birkholz: Comments and Community

Saturday October 06, 2012
It’s old news that internet comments are the WORST. I made a new year’s resolution to not read them, EVER, two years ago, and it was one of the best things I’ve done for my soul. And it made me think about church

Beth Birkholz: My Grandma

Thursday May 10, 2012
My grandma may be 90, but she had more energy than many of her children and grandchildren on Saturday. She’s also very, very Lutheran.

The Rev. Beth Birkholz: Not the Same

Saturday May 05, 2012
People like this lovely person I met in a hospital room would be able to find peace, and comfort, and a little bit of heaven, and some challenge thrown in, at church. I’m all for praying by yourself, at home, but IT IS NOT THE SAME, and never will be.

Video by The Rev. Beth Birkholz

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Food Truck Faith - The Rev. Beth Birkholz

Monday May 20, 2013
The Rev. Beth Birkholz tells us what she believes the church can learn from the popularity of food trucks.