The Rev. Julia Rusling

Denomination: The Episcopal Church (TEC)
Organization: St. Patrick's Episcopal Church, Dunwoody, GA

The Rev. Julia Rusling is Priest Associate at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church in Dunwoody, GA.

She is also the founder and director of Anam Cara, a ministry of spiritual direction, retreats, and yoga therapy at St. Patrick's.

Before coming to the church in 2014, Julia served churches in Connecticut, New York, and Georgia.

She is a graduate of Oberlin College and Oberlin Conservatory, and earned her master of divinity from Yale University Divinity School. She's also done graduate biblical studies at Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Julia Rusling: A Holy Disruption: No Lamb Chops Tonight

Tuesday November 08, 2016
The prophet Isaiah shares God's good news of freedom and release to a people burdened by their exilic existence. The Rev. Julia Rusling invites us to hear that good news when we too find ourselves in the midst of oppression, fear, and injustice.

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Julia Rusling: This Week's Day1 Sermon in Context

Friday November 11, 2016
When I wrote this week’s sermon for Day1 back in August, I had no idea the context into which it would be proclaimed. And so now, I continue fervently in my prayers that the Spirit may speak through the words spoken here to the churning of our nation, of our hearts, of our lives, of the core of our very being.