The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan

Denomination: United Church of Christ (UCC)
Organization: The United Church in Tallahassee (UCT)

The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan is pastor of The United Church in Tallahassee, FL. Prior to this, she served as senior pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Asheville, NC. She has also served as pastor of Pilgrimage United Church of Christ in Marietta, GA.

While her denominational roots are Southern Baptist, Kim has found the United Church of Christ to be a very welcoming denomination and an excellent denominational home.

After completing her Master of Divinity degree at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, Kim moved to Atlanta to pursue doctoral studies at Emory University. In May of 2004, Kim received her Ph.D. in Preaching and Education.

Kim's philosophy of ministry is firmly grounded in the good news of God's love for every person. “Everything we do as a church — from worship, to education, to missions work, even to times of recreation — everything we do must be grounded in belief in and practice of the radical inclusiveness of God's love for ALL people,” Kim says.

Kim is married to the Rev. Dr. Allen Mullinax.

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Healing Faith

Tuesday June 25, 2024
“Healing Faith,” Dr. Kim Buchanan’s sermon for June 30, is based on the encounter of Jesus with the woman who suffered from hemorrhages found in Mark 5:21-43. “Over the centuries this woman’s story has been told, many people — perhaps especially other women — have found courage in her gutsy faith,” she says. “Looking at her actions through the lens of community and isolation, though, the question comes —What if her faith didn’t have to be gutsy? How might the story have gone differently if the woman had had a community of friends and family?”

Kimberleigh Buchanan: The Strength of Weakness

Tuesday July 03, 2018
The Apostle Paul boasts to the Corinthians of his weakness, turning boasting on its head, says Dr. Kim Buchanan in her sermon this week. Paul explains that it is in his weakness that the power of Christ becomes real. It is in his weakness that he experiences God’s grace most profoundly.

Surviving Seeing

Tuesday October 23, 2012
In her sermon on Mark 10:46-52, the Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan helps us cope with what we see in the world when Jesus restores our sight.

Noisy Spring

Tuesday June 09, 2009
The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan, pastor of Pilgrimage United Church of Christ, Marietta, GA, offers a thought-provoking sermon on Christ's parable of the seeds (Mark 4).

From Procession to Party

Sunday June 10, 2007
The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan reminds us that often God's grace comes to us, unasked for and undeserved, but all that is required is the choice to receive it or not.

Dancing with the Trinity

Sunday June 03, 2007
The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan delves into a meaningful and faithful exploration of trinitarian theology.

The Disciple Who Went Up a Mountain But Came Down a Hill

Sunday March 07, 2004
The Rev. Dr. Kim Buchanan, pastor of Pilgrimage United Church of Christ in Woodstock, Georgia, talks about making the most of our spiritual walk with Christ.

What's My Life?

Sunday February 01, 2004
The Rev. Dr. Kim Buchanan, pastor of Pilgrimage United Church of Christ in Woodstock, Georgia, challenges listeners to find their calling in Christ.

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Wednesday December 22, 2010
Trying to find meaning in the Christmas season.

Burning Qur'ans: NIMBY!

Wednesday September 08, 2010
The planned Qur'an burning hits close to home.

Free Speech--At What Cost?

Wednesday August 18, 2010
Dr. Laura and the Apostle Paul on "beneficial speech."

Poem: Why are Bad Things Spoken Loudly?

Friday August 13, 2010
A poem describing the pain of exclusion...

Asking the Next Question

Friday August 06, 2010
All that stands between wanting to take action and taking it is one question: What do we do next?

Be Still and Know

Thursday July 29, 2010
Finding God in an unexpected moment of stillness...

True Repentance

Friday June 18, 2010
When did we forget how to apologize?

The Healthcare Crisis Hits Home

Thursday June 10, 2010
My grand nephew Chandler's health issues have me thinking--again--about human kindness.

Spewing Sin

Friday May 28, 2010
We all bear some culpability for the oil spill in the Gulf.

A Tale of Two Trees

Thursday May 06, 2010
When it comes to spiritual growth, "slow and steady wins the race."

When Does One Become a Christian?

Wednesday April 28, 2010
Some reflections on Confirmation Sunday...

Looking for Love

Wednesday April 21, 2010
Trying to find a loving community.

A Beneficiary of Christian Social Justice (Sort of) Responds to Glenn Beck

Friday March 12, 2010
As a woman who serves as pastor, I am a beneficiary of Christian Social Justice.

The Grace of the Next Moment

Friday March 05, 2010
Every moment we live is a second chance.

Spiritual Stability

Friday February 26, 2010
The economy is forcing many of us to stay in places longer than we had planned. What might these circumstances teach us?

Haiti: Month 1

Friday February 12, 2010
Coming to grips with a slow resurrection.

The Gift of Baptism

Friday January 08, 2010
Celebrating Jesus' baptism; celebrating our own.

The Gift of the Economic Downturn

Wednesday December 23, 2009
Finding Good News in the economic downturn.

Human Rights Day

Thursday December 10, 2009
On this International Human Rights Day, how might we Christians live human dignity as Jesus taught it?

Fort Hood Shooting

Friday November 06, 2009
What does the person of faith do the day after an act of senseless violence?

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Friday October 09, 2009
Reflections on Obama's being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize...or should we call it the Nobel Potential Peace Prize?

The Gift of Receiving

Friday October 02, 2009
When my sister-in-law and brother asked for help, WE received the blessing.

The Lutherans Too!

Sunday August 23, 2009
The wall excluding gay and lesbian members from full inclusion in the church is coming down!

De-Baiting Healthcare

Thursday August 13, 2009
What might happen to the healthcare debate if we really started listening to each other?

Hospitality and Healthcare

Thursday August 06, 2009
How might true Christian hospitality--treating everyone as if they are beloved, whole, precious human beings--change the healthcare debate?

Episcopal Church's Decision

Friday July 31, 2009
Reflections on the Episcopal Church's decision to ordain gay and lesbian people to ministry.


Friday July 24, 2009
A visit to Koinonia Farm puts recent media madness in perspective.

Teaching Children Faith (or Children Teaching Faith)....

Monday July 06, 2009
I thought I'd been teaching 8 year old Anna faith, while all the time she'd been teaching me.

Apostolic Visitation on US Nuns

Thursday July 02, 2009
Reflections on the recent Vatican decision to assess the "quality of life" of women religious in the United States.

Holocaust Museum Shooting

Friday June 26, 2009
Reflections on the Holocaust Museum shooting on June 10, 2009.

Nun-sense Spirituality

Friday May 29, 2009
Through the Women Touched by Grace program I am learning about Benedictine spirituality. Both WTBG and Benedictine spirituality are changing my life.

Spirituality for Real Life

Friday May 22, 2009
Trying to figure out precisely how to live the Christ life in REAL life....

A Handful of Mints: Whatever Happened to Right and Wrong?

Friday May 15, 2009
Looking at two stories, one about a handful of mints, the other about an overdue library book, I explore the questions: Have we lost the ability to tell right from wrong?

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Kimberleigh Buchanan - Yes and No

Monday October 27, 2014
Jesus said, Let your 'yes' be 'yes,' and your 'no,' 'no.' Dr. Kim Buchanan offers some inspiring insight into these words in this Day1 Reflection video.

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The Rev. Dr. Kimberleigh Buchanan - Day1 Podcast Extra

Tuesday June 12, 2007
In this podcast extra, the Rev. Dr. Kim Buchanan, pastor of Pilgrimage United Church of Christ in Marietta, GA, shares her personal insights and experiences.