The Rev. Canon Louis C. Schueddig, D.D.

Denomination: The Episcopal Church (TEC)
Organization: Episcopal Media Center

The Reverend Canon Louis C. "Skip" Schueddig, D.D., was the Executive Director of the Alliance for Christian Media, a mainline Christian media non-profit that produces the radio program Day1 (formerly The Protestant Hour) heard on over 200 stations in the U.S. and several foreign countries.  It also manages an active content-rich web site, The Alliance has headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Schueddig became the head of the Alliance after serving twenty years as president and executive director of The Episcopal Media Center known for its Emmy award winning films such as the original animated version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Shadowlands, the made-for-TV movie that also won the top award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.  During his years at EMC, he produced an original series of church-growth television ads and was responsible for many audio and video educational programs distributed to congregations.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, he graduated with a degree in Radio-TV-Film from the School of Speech at Northwestern University.  Deciding for a ministry in the Episcopal Church he graduated in 1973 from the Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA.  Ordained an Episcopal priest in 1973 he served congregations in Illinois and Michigan until being named head of the Episcopal Media Center.

Over the years Schueddig has worked throughout the church for the cause of great use and understanding of media with a special emphasis on media as a tool for evangelism. In 1992 he was appointed an Honorary Canon of the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta.


Day1 Weekly Programs by The Rev. Canon Louis C. Schueddig, D.D.

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75th Anniversary Special with the Rev. Dr. Louis C. Schueddig

Tuesday August 11, 2020
In this first of a series of special programs celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Protestant Hour and Day1 weekly radio broadcast, the Rev. Dr. Skip Schueddig talks with host Peter Wallace about the program's history, and shares archival audio of some of the best preachers of the 20th century....

70th Anniversary Special

Tuesday June 23, 2015
In this special program celebrating 70 years of faithful weekly broadcasts, the Rev. Dr. Louis C. Schueddig and host Peter Wallace review the history and impact of The Protestant Hour and present excerpts from some of its most influential preachers.

The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

Tuesday April 30, 2013
As we celebrate 30 years of leadership of the Alliance for Christian Media, the Rev. Canon Louis "Skip" Schueddig invites us to accept God's invitation to an adventuresome pilgrimage, to a life lived for others.

Moving Towards the Miracle

Sunday December 29, 1996

Articles by The Rev. Canon Louis C. Schueddig, D.D.

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Service and Reception to Honor the Rev. Canon Skip Schueddig June 11

Wednesday May 08, 2013
A special service and reception on June 11 will honor the Rev. Canon Louis "Skip" Schueddig, who retires as head of the Alliance for Christian Media/Day1 after 30 years of creative leadership.

Day1 Executive Director Skip Schueddig Given Honorary Doctorate by VTS

Monday May 21, 2012
The Rev. Canon Louis "Skip" Schueddig, executive director of Day1 and the Alliance for Christian Media, has been given an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Virginia Theological Seminary.

Video by The Rev. Canon Louis C. Schueddig, D.D.

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The Rev. Canon Louis "Skip" Schueddig - A Day1 Conversation

Friday May 03, 2013
As of May 1st the President of Day1's parent company, The Alliance for Christian Media, the Rev. Canon Louis Schueddig, or Skip as we know him, steps into retirement after 30 years of leading our media ministry. In celebration of his long and creative service to this ministry he talked with Day1 Host Peter Wallace in the studio for our May 5th broadcast, and discussed what it's been like to lead a media focused ministry through times of such enormous change in communications. Thank you for your leadership and your legacy, Skip.