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Haiti Earthquake Resources from Day1 Denominations

January 19, 2010

In the last week you have seen a number of personal reflections on the terrible tragedy that continues to unfold in Haiti. Rev. Ken Carter has shared his experience as his wife worked to return from the devastated country, and others have shared their stories of the grace and strength that only God can provide in times such as these. 

As we have watched this scene unfold over the last few days it has become apparent the enormous role that mainline Christian denominations are playing in Haiti's recovery, and we want you to know about what they are doing and how you can help. 

Here is a list of mainline denominations disaster recovery efforts and more information about how you can help!

United Methodist Church -

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Episcopal Church - 

Episcopal Relief and Development - Haiti Response

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of America - 

Lutheran Resources here

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United Church of Christ - Haiti Relief

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Cooperative Baptist Fellowship -

CBF Responds via 

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You can also keep up with our many Key Voice Bloggers as they respond and reflect on the spiritual questions that come with such a devastating disaster.  

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