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Church Anew is a ministry of St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie, MN.

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Greg Carey: Resist Nihilism

Tuesday September 22, 2020
In his Church Anew article, Dr. Greg Carey writes that we resort to “It’s all a matter of opinion” when facts make us uncomfortable.

Eric Barreto: Forgiveness: Can You Imagine It?

Saturday September 19, 2020
In his Church Anew post, Eric Barreto writes, Our human tendency to mistake urgency for importance is older than breaking news on cable TV or the latest viral tweet.

Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder: The Imposition of Imposter Syndrome

Friday September 18, 2020
The imposition of imposter syndrome is imposters who dwell in the mendacious abyss of professional facade make life harder for others. The imposition of imposter syndrome is we suffer, society is compromised, our giftedness does not illuminate a dark, dank world when we doubt and dare not show up fully.

Mihee Kim-Kort: Pressing on in the Midst of Chaos

Thursday September 17, 2020
How do we live in the midst of chaos, of so many simultaneous crises? When we are confronted even more with the precarity, the fragility of life, it is in these moments that we can trust that we are being held up by the love and grace of God.

Deanna Thompson: Uncomfortable Grace, Anti-Racism, and Lutheran Tradition at St. Olaf

Tuesday September 15, 2020
This blog, written by Deanna A. Thompson of St. Olaf College’s Lutheran Center for Faith, Values, and Community (Northfield, Minn.), exemplifies one Lutheran institution’s commitment to anti-racism work. The Lutheran Center engages people of all backgrounds and beliefs in deep exploration of core commitments and life choices in ways that foster inclusive community, both within and beyond St. Olaf College.

Church Anew: Policing and the Church: an Interview with Pastor Brian Herron

Monday August 31, 2020
In part three of Church Anew’s series on policing and the church, we interview Pastor Brian Herron of Zion Baptist Church on policing in Minneapolis, MN.

Church Anew: Policing and the Church: an Interview with an Officer

Friday August 28, 2020
In part two of Church Anew’s series on policing and the church, we interview a police officer serving a community near Minneapolis on the intersections of his job, faith, and current events.

Susan Weaver: Policing and the Church: Part One in a Series

Thursday August 27, 2020
I am doing some painful learning about my privilege and about how racist attitudes are embedded into my psyche, simply because I am part of white American culture. It’s humbling and sobering work to become aware of those attitudes and my implicit bias and intentionally address and recover from them.

Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder: The “Light” of Ella Baker

Tuesday August 25, 2020
Ella Baker seized the opportunity and made a decision that would turn the tide of history. She chose to do what far exceeded herself. Although SNCC is no longer a viable entity and Baked died in 1986, her name, her work, and her spirit thrive.

Angela Denker: Why Christian Values Demand Women's Rights

Friday August 21, 2020
Many Christians continue to believe that because I am female, my call into ministry itself is anathema to their understanding of the Gospel.

Greg Carey: Liberty! (Gospel, That Is)

Wednesday August 19, 2020
Nobody wants to hear my opinions on Constitutional matters. As Paul would say, may it not be! Instead of pursuing the constitutional question, let’s examine what freedom means in a Christian context. Let’s think about gospel freedom.

Ulysses Burley III: Finding God’s Voice in Pandemic Noise

Wednesday August 19, 2020
In order to identify and respond to a sound, one must first listen. If the link between Jesus and his flock is mediated by recognition of the Master's voice, what does that mean for the kind of spiritual listening involved in responding to Him?

Walter Brueggemann: An Alternative Politics

Saturday August 15, 2020
I believe our political economy too often relies on a handful of wealthy families whose contributions profoundly shape political races and policies alike. In some countries, that “clique” is called “oligarchs.” In American society, it is sometimes called the “political elite.”

Bishop Michael Curry: Prayerful Action in a Pandemic

Tuesday August 11, 2020
Earlier this week, I was preparing a very brief meditation for a kind of public service announcement on prayer in the time of pandemic. As I was preparing, something dawned on me that I wanted to share with you....

Eric Barreto: Trust and Conspiracy in a Pandemic (Matthew 14:22-33)

Friday August 07, 2020
In his Church Anew post, Dr. Eric Barreto urges us: Do not look to the man behind the curtain pulling the strings. Do not look for the code that explains it all. Do not look for the conspiracy that contorts and changes to explain every wrinkle and incorrect prediction.

Michael J. Chan: Return to Normalcy and Other Fleshpots

Wednesday August 05, 2020
In his Church Anew piece, Dr. Michael Chan says in the current political environment many Americans are hoping for a “return to normalcy.” Such a pitch plucks at the heartstrings of many who are ready to vomit after too many sharp turns on the 2020 roller coaster.

Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder - Ella Baker: A Name We All Should Know

Tuesday August 04, 2020
Ella Baker seized the opportunity and made a decision that would turn the tide of history. She chose to do what far exceeded herself. Although SNCC is no longer a viable entity, and Baked died in 1986, her name, her work, and her spirit thrive.

David Lillejord: Why Is It So Hard to Live as One Body?

Saturday August 01, 2020
In this Church Anew article, Pastor David Lillejord asks--and answers--a difficult question: Why Is It So Hard to Live as One Body?

Matthew Ian Fleming: Toxic Masculinity: A Sin As Old As Adam

Thursday July 30, 2020
Matthew Fleming writes, Until each of us take responsibility for our own actions and reactions, we cannot begin to imagine challenging this culture of toxic masculinity that is as old as Adam.

Valerie Bridgeman: A Eulogy for John Robert Lewis, “The Boy from Troy”

Monday July 27, 2020
In her Church Anew article, Valerie Bridgeman writes: I was six years old when the late Congressman John Robert Lewis was beaten to near death on the Edmund Pettus Bridge on what became known as Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965.

Susan Weaver: Back to School “or Not”?

Tuesday July 21, 2020
Do you remember the “Would you rather” game? It was a good back-of-the-bus activity on field trips. Or slumber party fun for a group of pre-teens. Players have to choose between two less than desirable alternatives - to choose the least bad from the most bad. Like, would you rather step barefoot in dog-doo or have a bird poop on your head? You’d like to choose neither, but that’s not an option. That’s how this “what to do with school in the fall” decision feels.

Bishop Michael Curry: How Love Shows Us the Way During Difficult Times

Friday July 17, 2020
Bishop Michael Curry asks "what would love do" in a world upended by racial protests and the coronavirus.

Walter Brueggemann: There’s No Excuse for Food Insecurity

Wednesday July 15, 2020
I am “food secure!” I eat out frequently in the lovely venues in my town: Red Ginger, Poppycock, Harrington’s by the Bay, or West End Tavern. I would not have known to use that phrase for myself except that I hear much talk in our town of disproportionate wealth about the “food insecure.”

Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder: When Home Is Not Home

Tuesday July 14, 2020
In her article for Church Anew, Dr. Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder says there is a safety, security of home at least for most of us. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to pause and consider our relationship with the place and people associated with our homes. Sudden shifts to working remotely and ad nauseam Zoom meetings have exposed parts of our lives which had been selectively disclosed.

Walter Brueggemann: Isaiah 55:10-13: From Chaos to Homecoming

Saturday July 11, 2020
In his Church Anew article, Walter Brueggemann says this narrative entrusted to us is the news of emancipation from the forces of greed, fear, and violence that cannot finally prevail because the word of God is at work in the world.

Angela Denker: Smash the Monuments - A New Christian Iconoclasm

Friday July 10, 2020
In this Church Anew article, Angela Denker says let the monuments fall and tumble to the earth. Let the Columbus statues be toppled. And then let us gather up the dust, spread it across the land, add water, and plant seeds anew for our nation.

Raj Nadella: The Sower and the Seed and Black Lives Matter

Thursday July 09, 2020
In this new Church Anew article, Raj Nadella says the parable of the sower and the seed (Matthew 13) takes on a new meaning when read in the context of growing economic disparities and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Erin Raffety: Leaning into Disability, Lamenting with Freedom

Saturday July 04, 2020
Erin Raffety says the pandemic has revealed how deep the roots of ableism run and how intertwined they are with sexism and racism.

Walter Brueggemann: The Protocols of Scarcity

Friday July 03, 2020
In several of my previous columns, I have referred to “the protocols of scarcity.” In this setting I want to exposit what I mean by that phrase.

Eric Barreto: The Death of Death (Romans 6:1-11)

Wednesday July 01, 2020
When death is not stalking our communities in the twin forms of pandemic and racism, police violence and anti-black prejudice, it may be possible to confess confidently with Paul that I am dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus. But when sin entangles every aspect of our everyday lives, when racism and sexism and homophobia worm their way into every corner of this world, it may prove that much more difficult to proclaim along with Paul that I am, that we are dead to sin.

Rabbi Shosh Dworsky: Torah, Darsheini, and Black Preaching in Response to the Killing of George Floyd

Friday June 26, 2020
Like many of you I’ve been going over in my mind the scene of George Floyd’s killing, wondering what I might have done had I been among the onlookers. I’ve been fixated on the two rookie cops sitting on Floyd’s back and knees. Why didn’t they stand up and say, “This is wrong, I won’t be part of this”? If I’m honest with myself I can imagine a partial answer.

Church Anew: Rise Up: A Four Week Preaching Series

Wednesday June 24, 2020
Church Anew is excited to provide practical resources to preachers and other church leaders including curricula, sermon series, and ministry ideas to spark imagination for your congregation. These are free to adapt and use in your context, with your people.

Valerie Bridgeman: Juneteenth 2020: Once You See

Monday June 22, 2020
In her Church Anew article, Dr. Valerie Bridgeman writes: Recently, I was asked why I thought the uprisings since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have shaken so many [white] people. What is the difference? I said, “Some people had 8 minutes and 46 seconds to encounter blatant anti-black racism for the first time.” They couldn’t turn away.

Walter Brueggemann: Mrs. Thompson's Call for Honest Grief

Friday June 19, 2020
In his latest Church Anew article, Walter Brueggemann recalls his neighbor: Mrs. Thompson may not have known it, but in doing this work she was effectively serving in the wake of Jeremiah.

Bishop Michael Curry: Preaching on Racism in America In This Month of June 2020

Thursday June 18, 2020
In this Church Anew post, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry shares a “Habits of Grace” message about protests, Pride Month, and the coronavirus.

Eric Barreto: Preaching about Racism in America: What Comes Next?

Wednesday June 17, 2020
Many pastors took an important step these last few Sundays. Already dispersed into online spaces and some confronting with new urgency the ways that white supremacy afflicts black communities, congregations gathered these last two Sundays. And in some of these congregations, preachers preached perhaps for the first time about the pervasive entanglements of racism, not just in policing and policy but in the church, too. Now what?

Walter Brueggemann: Is Anything Impossible for God? (Genesis 18:1-15)

Thursday June 11, 2020
In his new Church Anew article, Walter Brueggemann says the “three/one” visitor declared to Sarah and Abraham that they would have a son and heir, an impossibility for them in their old age. Sarah giggled at the impossibility. Before they departed the “three/one” visitor posed a question to the aged couple: “Is anything impossible for God?” The question is left unanswered in the narrative.

Greg Carey: We Are Not Samaritans

Tuesday June 09, 2020
In this latest Church Anew post, Dr. Greg Carey writes about how the Good Samaritan parable challenges privilege and promotes authentic relationships.

Walter Brueggemann: God's Stunning Reversal

Sunday June 07, 2020
I now return to Isaiah 54:7-8. In the first article of this series, “Abandoned!”, I considered the fact that Israel’s God-abandonment is confirmed from Gods’ own lips. In the second article, “How Long is a Moment”, I reflected on the duration of Israel’s abandonment reckoned in God’s own time. Now in a third reflection I consider the “resolution” of divine abandonment.

Ulysses Burley III: Pentecost Protest

Saturday June 06, 2020
In his Church Anew article, Dr. Ulysses Burley III says, Imagine a unified nation not divided by an invisible line, but united by an invisible spirit. God is summoning us—the church—back to our protest-ant roots for such a time as this.

Angela Denker: Paternalistic Racism of Nice White People

Friday June 05, 2020
In this Church Anew article, Angela Denker writes, If you recognize yourself in this article, and it makes you cringe or feel embarrassed or even makes you mad, Hi, Me Too.

Greg Carey: Injustice after Injustice

Wednesday June 03, 2020
People are hurting. George Floyd’s murder. COVID-19 deaths. Violence. What does all of this mean? In this Church Anew article, Greg Cary offers some wisdom.

Walter Brueggemann: How Long Is “A Moment”?

Saturday May 30, 2020
In his latest article for Church Anew, Dr. Walter Brueggemann says God meets us in the brevity of a moment -- liminal spaces that seem eternal.

Diana Butler Bass: Pentecost, Prejudice, and Pandemic - A Sermon for Pentecost 2020

Friday May 29, 2020
In her Church Anew article, Diana Butler Bass says Pentecost is the noisiest of all Christian holy days—a party, the “birthday of the church,” celebrated with banners, red balloons, and cake. We re-enact Acts 2 in multiple languages, reminding us that God sent all humankind a gift—the spirit with its promise of peace and portents of salvus for the healing of the earth. But this week, names....

Church Anew: Abandoned! A Pastoral Word from Walter Brueggemann

Sunday May 24, 2020
In this Church Anew post, Dr. Walter Brueggemann offers wisdom on how we move forward in faith amid despair through disciplines of faith.

Jim Keat: Real Ministry in a Digital World

Saturday May 23, 2020
Church in person and church online. Connecting real life and real ministry. Jim Keat discusses how it works best in a digital world in the latest Church Anew post.

Angela Denker: Coronavirus in America: Politics and Survival

Thursday May 21, 2020
Masks. A sign of saying who we are and how we live personally and publicly. Read Angela Denker's Church Anew post here.

Bishop Michael Curry: If You’re Wondering What Day It Is Today, You Are Not Alone

Tuesday May 19, 2020
In this latest post from Church Anew, Bishop Michael Curry shares a “Habits of Grace” message about time and life during this pandemic.

Walter Brueggemann: How Long? Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Prophets in a Pandemic

Saturday May 16, 2020
A personal commentary on the old question of faith amid suffering, “How long?” A question asked by prophets, Martin Luther King, Jr., and all of us during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul Raushenbush: The Virus and My Apocalyptic Son

Friday May 15, 2020
In this Church Anew post, Paul Raushenbush shares with Elaine Pagels his young son’s stories about his world, our world, destruction, and a rainbow.

Mihee Kim-Kort: Church? An answer with inspiration from Rachel Held Evans

Wednesday May 13, 2020
A plain and simple question during quarantine stirs poignant memories of church and dreaming beyond. Mihee Kim-Kort writes for Church Anew in this latest post.

Walter Brueggemann: Quarantine Fatigue or Sabbath Rest: A Reflection on Psalm 31

Friday May 08, 2020
In his Church Anew article, Walter Brueggemann says the Psalm text for the 5th Sunday of Easter serves as a theological lens for looking at time: Promethean and Covenantal.

Ulysses Burley III: The Road to Re-open

Thursday May 07, 2020
In this Church Anew post, Dr. Ulysses Burley III explores what the Road to Emmaus teaches us about the road to re-opening our church buildings.

Diana Butler Bass: On Hoarding Eucharist in a Hungry World - Church Anew

Tuesday May 05, 2020
In this time of COVID-19 lockdowns and churches moving to virtual communion, Diana Butler Bass reflects on a conversation she had with Phyllis Tickle.

Virtual Communion and Body of Christ: A Conversation with Dr. Deanna A. Thompson - Church Anew

Saturday May 02, 2020
Dr. Deanna A. Thompson, Director of The Lutheran Center for Faith, Values, and Community at St. Olaf College, talks with Pastor David Lillejord, Church Anew Executive Board Member, on the meaning of virtual communion.

Luke Powery: Life on the Other Side of Easter in 2020 - Church Anew

Friday May 01, 2020
You don’t have to be a super human or a super Christian in this Eastertide 2020. Just be human, a beloved child of God.

Church Anew: Justo L. González Offers a Poem for the Season of Easter

Tuesday April 28, 2020
A reminder of the wondrous mystery of a “zoomed” Easter season, inspired by a beloved hymn.

Rozella Haydée White: A Time for Faithful Resilience

Thursday April 23, 2020
In this article for Church Anew, Rozella Haydée White explores the question, How does building resilience during times of hardship nurture faith?

Meta Herrick Carlson: The Sunday After Easter: A Blessing for Thomas - Church Anew

Thursday April 16, 2020
Meta Herrick Carlson offers a blessing for Thomas and for those who need to see to believe — not because their faith is weak, but because they feel dismembered by the COVID-19 situation and cannot bear it all alone.